10 Minute Workout For The Time Poor

Following on from my last post, How To Fit In Exercise When You Don’t Have Any Time, below is a 10 minute workout for you to do at home, in a park, or at the office. You can do this workouts anywhere, all you need is a small amount of floor space and two light dumbbells.

This workout follows the escalating density training method, where the aim is to do MORE work in the SAME time. This means you’re pushing yourself as hard as you can for a specified amount of time, with the aim of performing more repetitions/rounds when you next repeat the workout.

Do the workout below in a circuit for 10 minutes (you’ll need an alarm/stop watch to keep time). The aim is to do as many rounds of the circuit as possible in the allocated time. Keep track of how many rounds you do, and aim to continually increase the rounds you do, and/or the difficulty of the exercise (e.g increase weight of dumbbells).


10 x squat thrusters

6 x renegade rows/push ups (6 rows each arm)*

*Ensure that your body stays in a ‘plank’ like position where your whole body is a diagonal¬†line. Place your knees on the floor if you are unable to maintain the proper body position. You can also alter this exercise by just completing the row movements, and not the pushups.

10 x legs-up dumbbell crunches

So get your clock set, and give this workout a go!

I’ll post another 10 minute workout for you to try next week.

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