Escalating Density Training Workout

Following on from my post on escalating density training (EDT), below is an EDT  workout I have put together for you to try.

This workout comprises of three 15 minute sessions, separated by 5 minute rest periods. It is made up of lower body, weight exercises and upper body, body weight exercises – all of which are compound movements, which means each exercise works multiple muscles.

Complete 5 reps with a 10 rep maximum load of the lower body exercise and then 5 repetitions of the upper body, body weight exercise, and keep alternating between the two. You can lower your reps as you get fatigued.

The goal is to do as many repetitions in the 15 minute time frame. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy so that you can keep track of your reps.

I ran through this workout myself earlier in the week and it was a great session. My legs are still feeling it!

Session 1: 40kg Box Squats / Inverted Rows

I managed to push out 75 box squats and 70 inverted rows  I didn’t have to lower my reps at all, and didn’t feel totally exhausted at the end of the session. When I go back to this workout I will definitely need to increase the weight for my box squats and possibly increase the difficulty of the inverted row by placing my feet up on a bench or swiss ball.

Session 2: 40kg Deadlifts / Tricep Dips

I managed even more reps in this session, with 90 deadlifts, and 90 tricep dips (where I dipped from a bench, with my legs straight out in front of me) with no decrease in my reps, or with any breaks. Again, next time I come back to this workout I should increase the weight of the deadlifts and increase the difficulty of the tricep dips by putting my feet up on a bench or swiss ball.

Session 3: 25kg Bulgarian Squats / Push Ups

This was the hardest of all three sessions, I managed 60 right side Bulgarian squats, 60 left side Bulgarian squats, and 55 push ups. I didn’t decrease my reps at all, but I didn’t move as quickly to the alternating exercise. The Bulgarian squats were killers! but were/are a great exercise for the hamstrings and glutes. I don’t think I could have done any more Bulgarian squats at the end of this session, so the weight I chose was perfect. My aim is to do more reps of these exercises the next time I do this workout.

Overall this was a great workout, and one I would definitely recommend to those who are experienced in these exercises and are looking to lose fat, build muscle and to gain strength.

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  1. Hi Megan-

    I do like the idea of density training, but so far my experiments have been limited to trying exercises like burpees and the sandbag clean-and-press.

    I like these sorts of circuits because they not only tax your body, but they require you to dig deep mentally and push through the discomfort, developing that “never give in” attitude that is so necessary for success in any endeavor.

    Session 3 looks like a butt-kicker, I will have to give it a whirl soon.


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