Home Workout 11: Kettlebells

If you have access to a couple of different weight kettlebells, here is a workout for you! This workout will work on your strength, so use weights that will push you. If your kettlebells aren’t heavy enough, add more repetitions.

Perform the following three groups/supersets of exercises for 3-5×10 (sets x reps). Do all sets of the first group before moving on to the next.

Goblet Squats
Floor Press (each side)

Split Squat
See-Saw Row (both sides equals one rep)

Weighted Sit-Up
B-Stance Glute Bridge

You will see in the video that I changed hands in the see-saw row halfway through the set. This is because I have two different weight kettlebells, so I evened out the load on each side for each set. If you have access to the same weight kettlebells you can use those.

Happy training!

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