Swiss Ball Workout

The swiss ball is a great piece of equipment to incorporate into your training. From beginners to the advanced, from runners to powerlifters, I think everyone could benefit adding a couple of swiss ball exercises into their regime.

Some key benefits of incorporating swiss ball exercises into your training, include:

  1. Strengthening your core: Many swiss ball exercises require you to recruit your core muscles due to many of the exercises performed on the swiss ball requiring you to be supported by your core.
  2. Improving your balance and stability: Being unstable in nature, the swiss ball requires you to recruit your stabilising muscles to control your body’s movements. This can help improve both your balance and coordination.
  3. Great for rehabilitation: Again, with the ball being unstable, exercising with it, requires your body to activate a myriad of motor recruitment patterns, helping increase muscle function and your awareness of this function.

I know many people that have bought swiss balls, only to have them never blown up or sitting deflated in the corner. Why don’t you get them out, blow them up, and try out the swiss ball workout below!

Circuit 1: 3 (rounds) x 10 (repetitions per exercise)
1. Back extension

2. Forward roll

3. Push-up

Circuit 2: 3×10
1. Straight leg bridge

2. Hamstring curl

3. Supine leg raise

Circuit 3: 3×10
1. Bent knee bridge

2. Torso twist

3. Sit-up

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