2014 Australian Raw Powerlifting Championships

Last Friday I competed in the 2014 Australian Raw Powerlifting Championships. It was a high profile event, with the Championships being held at the Australian Fitness and Health Expo in Melbourne.

It was my most enjoyable and successful competition to date, achieving personal bests in all three lifts and winning the silver medal in the 52kg weight class. I weighed in at 50.7kg and finished with a 112.5kg squat, 62.5kg bench press and a 117.5kg deadlift, giving me a total of 292.5kg.

With my opening squat not passing, I wasn’t able to go for the final lift I was really after, and with injuring my back a few weeks before the competition, I was a little hesitant with my deadlifts. But I can’t complain about PBs and there is always next time!

I’m looking forward to a great year of lifting.

Below are the videos of my best lifts on the day.

112.5kg squat

62.5kg bench press

117.5kg deadlift


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  1. WOW!!! Fabulous lifts, Megan – HUGE congratulations on a magnificent performance!!! Truly inspiring. (Loved being able to see your Bench Press videoed from the side, BTW – now, if I could just get even close to mirroring that beautiful form one day …!)

    You’re a true legend, Megan, & an inspiration to all Canberrans who aspire to strength in any form & especially to beginner powerlifters & to your PT clients & powerlifter colleagues. Why your achievements were not on the front page of the Canberra Times, heaven only knows!

  2. Megan, I’ve just seen from the Powerlifting Australia newsletter that you’re on the Aussie team for the World Powerlifting championship in June in South Africa – what an incredible achievement, to be representing Australia on the world stage!! Huge congrats!!!!!!!!!

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