Home Workout 2: Skipping Rope

Here is the second workout, in the series I will be doing to keep people fit and strong at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

This is another fast paced workout, that will get the heart pumping and all you need for this one is a skipping rope!

If you have a workout partner, have them count your reps for you. If you don’t have a partner, film yourself and if you miss any reps, do double the amount you missed at the end of the workout!

Like me, I briefly lost my mind in the second round of doing this workout and only did 17 push-ups when I was meant to do 20, so I made myself do an extra 6 at the end of the workout!!!

Do this 1-2 times through. Modify the push-ups to your knees if needed, and if you don’t have a skipping rope, change the skips to high knee running.

  • 50 skips
  • 5 squats / 5 push-ups
  • 40 skips
  • 10 squats / 10 push-ups
  • 30 skips
  • 15 squats / 15 push-ups
  • 20 skips
  • 20 squats / 20 push-ups
  • 10 skips
  • 25 squats / 25 push-ups

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