Interval Training Workout Program

Following my recent articles on weight loss/fat loss, and the best ways of achieving it, below is an interval training workout program that you can try at your own gym. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Interval training is one of the training methods I use with many of my clients to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Let me know how you go, and remember, keep up the intensity!

Good luck!

Exercise Reps Rest
6 minute warm up on rowing machine. Two minutes steady, then 4 minute intervals – 20 seconds hard / 40 seconds recovery.
Perform A1 – A3 in a circuit for 4 rounds
A1 Dumbbell squat thrusters 10 45 seconds after each round.
A2 Push ups 10
A3 Russian twists 10
Perform B1 – B3 in a circuit for 4 rounds
B1 Tricep dips 10 45 seconds after each round.
B2 Renegade row 10
B3 Swissball crunches 15
12 minutes on elliptical trainer. Two minutes steady, then eight minutes of intervals Р20 seconds hard / 40 seconds recovery, and then two minutes steady to recover.
5 minutes of stretching

Note: Depending on your fitness level, you can decrease or increase the recovery periods between each interval e.g instead of a 20/40 work-to-rest ratio it could be altered to 15/45 or 20/10. The rest periods between each circuit workout can also be increased or decreased.

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