Back to Back: 10 Exercises To Build A Stronger Upper Back

Being a powerlifter, I do a lot of bench pressing. I lift heavy four times a week, and most weeks that includes benching six times. One of the most popular exercises in the gym (especially for men) is the bench press, but you see far less people working on their opposing back muscles. Building a strong back is essential to gaining and maintaining good posture, and if you’re someone like me, who is interested in building a bigger bench, it’s also essential for bench gains!

Below are 10 great exercises to add to your workout regime, to build a strong upper back. A link to all the exercises can be found here.

T-bar row


Dumbbell bent-over row

Seated cable row

Reverse fly

Assisted chin-ups

Pendlay row

Lawn mower cable pull

Renegade row

Side lying external rotation

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