Home Workout 3: Kettlebells

This is the third home workout I have put together, for you (and your family) to try out at home!

Visit my blog homepage to check out the first two. For this workout you will just need two relatively light weight kettlebells. Dumbbells can also be a substitute.

Perform the following for 4-6 rounds. With a slight break in-between rounds.

  • 10 swings (increase by 10 reps for each round – 10, 20, 30 etc).
  • 10 goblet squats.
  • 10 threaded split squat (Thread around in one direction for five reps, then the other direction for the remaining 5 reps. 10 reps each side).
  • 10 renegade rows (10 each side).
  • 10 push-ups.

To increase the difficulty of this workout, perform the renegade rows alternatively. To decrease the difficulty just hold the dumbbell when performing the lunges and do the renegade rows and push-ups on your knees.


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