Push-Up Power

Push-ups are a great exercise, and can be done anywhere! Many of my female clients have goals of being able to do push-ups on their toes, and with the right technique, practice and perseverance, they all get there in the end!

Adding push-ups to your training will help build your chest strength, but not only that, it will also work your arms and shoulders, as well as build your core muscles.

If you’re almost at a point of doing push-ups on your toes, but just can’t quite get there, here are some pointers:

  1. Keep your body tight and straight throughout the whole movement. Your body should be like a plank of wood. I see the start of a push-up as a straight arm plank, if you struggle to perform a plank on your toes, you aren’t yet ready to perform push-ups on your toes.
  2. When performing a wide hand position push-up, tuck your elbows in at a slight angle, around 45 degrees from your body, this will protect your shoulders, and allow for more muscles to be activated (e.g your triceps) to help you with the movement -the more muscle involved, the easier it is!
  3. Keep a tight core throughout the entire movement.
  4. Your head should be positioned a little in front of your hands, with your eye line being in front of your finger tips.
  5. At the bottom of the movement, think about pushing the floor away from you instead of lifting from it, to help bring you back to the starting position.

There are many different push-up variations. Below, starting with push-ups on your toes, are some variations for you to try!

 Push-up (on toes)

Push-up to side plank

Tricep push-up

Decline push-up

Clap push-up

Visit the exercise section of the website for more push-up variations.

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