Swap It, Don’t Stop It!

Today the Australian Government launched it’s Swap It, Don’t Stop It campaign. This is the latest phase of the Measure Up campaign which raised awareness of why it’s important to be physically active, to eat well, and to keep your waist measurement in check. This new campaign is designed to show people how.

With over 61% of Australians overweight or obese, and no signs of this slowing down, the new Swap It, Don’t Stop It campaign provides a framework which empowers people to make simple everyday changes to their lives to improve their health and wellbeing. The campaign aims to make healthy lifestyle changes both desirable and achievable, and over time reduce the risk of lifestyle related chronic disease (e.g heart disease, type 2 diabetes) in Australia.

The campaign’s key call to action is to ‘Swap It, Don’t Stop It’. It tells us that we don’t have to give up on the the things we love, but if we make (an maintain) some simple healthy swaps, over time it will improve our overall health.

Eric, a loveable animated balloon character is the face of this campaign. The animation is fantastic. Check out the two TV commercials below.

Become a ‘Swapper’: Here we meet Eric and are introduced to the ‘Swap It, Don’t Stop It’ framework.

How to be a ‘Swapper’: Eric has been incorporating swaps into his everyday life, and it is paying off.

The Swap It, Don’t Stop it framework has messages for everyone:

  • Swap big for small: Instead of a big meal or snack, swap it for a smaller one.
  • Swap often for sometimes: Enjoy your treats, but only sometimes.
  • Swap watching for playing: Instead of watching your favourite game/sport, why not give it a go!
  • Swap fried for fresh: Give fried food a miss and try something fresh. Swap hot chips and try a healthy salad.
  • Swap sitting for moving: Instead of sitting and watching TV after work, go for a short walk with the family

Think about the swaps you can make in your life to improve your health. Remember, you don’t have to stop it, just swap it! Start swapping today!!

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  1. Fantastic animation! I love it – especially the main guy’s little balloon hand endy-bits!

    And the message too 🙂

    I’m swapping muesli bars for carrots. 🙂

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