Kettlebell Workout No.1

Below is one of my many favourite kettlebell workouts. This workout is great for everyone, from beginners to the advanced. It is a workout for the whole body, and it is sure way to get your heart pumping!

The aim is to have minimal rest, and to get through the workout in the quickest time possible, while still keeping good technique. Get your stop watch out and time yourself!

10 reps each X 5 rounds

  • Overhead Swing
  • Goblet Squat
  • Threaded Lunges
  • Renegade Row
  • Push Ups
  • Russian Twist (where twisting to each side equals 1 rep)

Below is a short video of me demonstrating these exercises.

You can make this workout harder by using heavier kettlebells, or increasing the amount of swings each round by 10 (so go from 10 swings in the first round, to 50 swings in the last round). You can also modify the workout by choosing easier push up and renegade row options (i.e. on your knees) to cater for different strength levels.


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