Top workout songs of 2014

Like most people, I love listening to music while I train. During my powerlifting sessions, I listen to a lot of rap and metal music. However, in my general weight training sessions and cardio sessions I listen to more pop, rock and even some alt-country music. It is in this vein I present to you my top 10 workout songs of 2014. Happy listening!

1. Take Me To Church, Sinead O’Connor

2. Let Go For Tonight, Foxes

3. Tell Me Yeah, Girl Talk and Freeway

4. Monument, Royksopp feat. Robyn

5. Follow You Home, Embrace

6. Crying For No Reason, Katy B

7. Hostage, Sia

8. Dancehall Domine, The New Pornographers

9. After The Disco, Broken Bells

10. Gimme Something Good, Ryan Adams

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  1. HUGE CONGRATS to Megan on her US performance at Arnold’s – a PB total of 305kg! Even more amazing given she’s only recently recovered from a hamstring injury. Way to go, Megan – is there no limit to how strong you can get??? You’re a LEGEND!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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